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Who’s the Project Manager?

Attended the first meeting of our new project with the Cornwall Marine Network this morning. The project is going to involve creating a series of short films within an existing structure for the launch of their new educational app in mid-2015.

We’ll be working with their French partners to match the films that they’ve already produced. This project involves interviewing and filming a variety of people across Cornwall with careers in the marine sector and editing the footage within the format of previous videos.

The purpose of the app is to educate young people about the various career options within the marine sector and to encourage them to pursue them after their school education.

We were sat in this meeting, watching a couple of examples, listening to our brief when we were asked: “So who is the main point of contact? Who is going to be the project manager?” I should’ve seen it coming, but it still made me laugh when Luca, James and Lewis turned and gestured at me, without any prior discussion. I guess its a compliment, not that they don’t want the responsibility or anything…



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