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Updates from Music Video shoots

Tiece-in the pool, on the beach and at the forest.

S2S Media are behind the new music video series for Tiece, and I have been involved as 2nd Camera Assistant. The crew involved is forming a new creative collective, &.Co, whose website and gallery are being developed alongside the video series.

TIECE Claire with C100

Claire Stevens with a C100 rig

The series has the concept of textures and elements, and the three videos each have a unique location and texture. Combining Tiece’s music with the choreography and dancing of Cheap Date Dance Company, our shooting locations have ranged from beaches, to hilltop car parks to historic woodlands.

The first night of shooting took place at St Michael’s Hotel, in their swimming pool using underwater camera technology and poolside lights. Luca Parasiliti, the Camera Operator, and I were in the pool, manoeuvring together in order to get the variety of shots David Morris, the director, required. Due to camera issues we had to keep removing the camera from the housing to reset the focus, as the focus ring didn’t correspond with the housing’s set up, but challenges are good for you, and the resulting footage was very pleasing.

TIECE Underwater 2

Claire and Luca Parasiliti with NIKON D7000

The second location was the car park behind Pendennis Castle. We had to wait until dark before beginning shooting, where we used mobile LED lights to light the dancer, who was dancing first with loose flour, and later in amongst colourful paint that was flicked at her dress. I was the jib operator for this night’s shoot, and was also assisting the camera operator and 1st Assistant Camera James Chatwin with tracking movement and lens swaps.

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 22.57.29

Director David Morris

The third location was a beach, where we again using a jib, as well as several tripod shots, to film the first dancer’s remaining shots. The underwater pool shots will be edited later to give them an ‘under-the-sea’ appearance.

TIECE Outside

Claire and David with Cheap Date Dance Company

The final location was a riverside forest, where the final dancer moved amongst mud and leaves to tell the story of the final track. This location used the most varied camera techniques of all the shoots, from many tracking shots, to jib, to handheld and the steady tripod shots. This shoot was the most arduous of them all, as we were racing against the sunset and it was the end of a strenuous week, where all the crew members had fitted the shoots around their days of work.

TIECE Forest

Lauren from Cheap Date Dance Company

The videos will be going into post-production shortly, where I shall be working as a co-editor with James Chatwin on the water based music video.

TIECE Wrap underwater crew

The Underwater Crew


When completed, the videos will be available on the &.Co website. 

Tiece 2

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