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Synthetica Shooting Starts

The external shoots for Synthetica started this week, with a 4am start on Monday to shoot in Marks & Spencers, Truro. Cast and Crew arrived early on location to shoot the first short sequence of Alex Falconer and Jonny Dane’s 3rd year Sci-Fi film. This shoot was preceded for me with a week or two of assisting with pre-production; preparing call sheets and transport logistics for a week of shooting in a variety of external locations.M&S

My role as 1st Assistant Director allowed for a diverse shooting week, taking responsibility for the scheduling and smooth running of each shoot.

1st AD

Our locations varied from escalators to coastlines, mud tracks to green screen work.

coastline 1stAD and director

A variety of people from around Cornwall volunteered to be extras across the weeks shoot, all donning grey suits and pallid facial make up.


The last shoot of the week was the initial external greenscreen shots, shot both externally and within a TV studio.

dop and 1stad

The week’s shoot wrapped successfully, with only one weather interruption causing one shoot to postponed a couple of days. The main bulk of Synthetica is to be completed in the TV studio before Easter, with set builds and uniquely created props.

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