Our Woods (2014)

Cinematographer, Production Design, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Production Design | Sound Recording | Camera Operator

Set in a dystopian world, a brother and a sister are on the run from the repressive city. When they discover an injured solider, they must decide whether or not to help him.

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The role as production designer on Our Woods involved assisting the director in the costume choices and providing mood boards and location plans for the various scenes. Props were also gathered or created to build the dystopian camp.

After set dressing on location, the role extended to become assistant to the Sound Designer, Max Jedwab, to help with sound mixing using a Zoom H4N recorder.

Our Woods is password protected; to view, use the password: erinaiden

Directed, Written and Produced by Caitlin Warren and Raf Batchelor | DoP: Ingrid Berven Holstad | Camera Operators: Ella Turner; Claire Stevens; Terry Kitto | Assistant Producer: Terry Kitto | Production Designer: Claire Stevens | Editor: Joe Watson | Sound: Max Jedwab
Music Composed by Solo Project

Starring: Emma Graveling as Erin
Kyri Ansell as Aiden
Joshua Rogers as Adam

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