Upbeat (2016)

Sound Design, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Sound Recording, Sound Design

A short musical film about the town of St. Meadows, where everyone sings everything they say. Except for Janet.

Upbeat BTS-01

In St. Meadows, everyone sings because they’re happy. So what does it mean when a member of the society cannot sing anymore? ‘Upbeat’ tells the story of Janet, who used to be like the rest of them: happy, upbeat, and loving life. When Janet starts suffering from a mental illness, her happiness decreases as the town members exclude her, one by one (through singing of course).

Upbeat BTS_02

‘Upbeat’ deals with complicated issues like mental illnesses, through the means of music and comedy. It discusses how problems of the mind is looked (down) upon by today’s modern society.

Upbeat BTS_03

Production was completed in February 2016. A selection of Behind the Scenes Stills can be seen below. Photos by Harriet Gardiner.

The music was recorded by Creative Music Technology Students Fred Bailey and Ben Lum Kin:

A filmic reference for the style director Ingrid B Holstad likes for Upbeat’s visual style (colours, make up, costume etc) is Hairspray (2007).

Upbeat Film Reference 01

Upbeat BTS_04

Below is a link to the Upbeat Kickstarter page, which was fully funded at the end of 2015.


 The Soundtrack for Upbeat was mixed by Brinley Hall:

Upbeat’s Musical Director, Lewis Meaden, has a blog which can be seen below:


Music recordist, Ben Lum Kin, shares some of his work here: http://benlumkin.wix.com/blkmusic

To view some of Josh Well’s previous work as cinematographer, use this link: https://vimeo.com/jwellscinematography

Upbeat Footer

Director: Ingrid B. Holstad | Producer: Edel Fowell | Writer: James Crump | Director of Photography: Josh Wells | 3rd Assistant Director and Assistant Camera: Oliver Bryne | Musical Director: Lewis Meaden | Assistant Producer: Paige Elford | Sound Recording: Claire Stevens | Stills Photographer: Harriet Gardiner | Music Recording: Fred Bailey and Ben Lum Kin | Soundtrack Mix: Brinley Hall | Editor: James Lee-Warner | Production Designer: Talia Holden | Hair and Make Up Artist: Becky Quinn | Sound Design: Claire Stevens | Foley Artist: James Chatwin

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