Tiece Music Videos (2015)

Cinematographer, Editor

Production Credit: 2nd Assistant Camera | Assistant Editor

No Good For Me (2nd Assistant Camera and Assistant Editor)

Case of the Blues (2nd Assistant Camera)

Xx, Xy (2nd Assistant Camera)

Worked as part of the camera team and as assistant editor on the production of Tiece Music Videos.

TIECE Outside

The video series have the concept of elements vs textures, and feature 3 dancer/choreographers from Cheap Date Dance Company; filming locations ranged from St Michael’s Hotel Swimming Pool to Pendennis Point, Falmouth.

TIECE Claire with C100

Gained experience as a camera operator for underwater shooting, night-time filming and using the Libec Jib.

Used Nikon D7000, Canon C100 and Premiere Pro.

TIECE Underwater

Director: David Morris | Producer: Nicole Massey | Artist: Tessa Bailey Cavanna | 1st Assistant Director: Rachael Jones | Dancer/Choreographers: Grace Clayton; Lauren Shuker; Debbie Mason | Camera Operator: Luca Parasiliti | 1st Camera Assistant: James Chatwin | 2nd Camera Assistant: Claire Stevens | Editors: Kirsty Hardy; Rachael Jones; James Chatwin; Claire Stevens | Grading: Jonny Dane | Production Assistant: Katherine Hudson

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