Third Quarter 2017

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‘Third Quarter’ is a short narrative film that takes the viewer inside the mind of an individual living with dementia.

Third Quarter Film Still 01

The narrative follows an elderly protagonist who through engaging with digital and analogue media, objects and people, begins to rediscover his memory and rebuild his sense of self. In the opening scene he is disorientated amongst his seemingly unconnected surroundings. However, as the narrative progresses he is able to distinguish links and repetitions which are unwittingly of his own making. It is though a futile search, his surge of memory slowly drifts away as dementia inhibits what he has fought so hard to obtain.

The looming shelves of books where the film takes place are not merely a bookshop but a dark, uncanny and potentially infinite environment. By depicting the mind’s cognitive search for meaning metaphorically through narrative and character, the experimental film will uniquely illustrate to viewers how ones mind functions, but also the inevitable tragedy that occurs with the loss of memory and identity.

Southwest based arts organisation Medium Rare present ‘Third Quarter’, a short narrative film that takes the viewer inside the mind of an individual living with dementia.

This cinematic experience interprets contemporary research in to dementia and depicts a character frantically hunting through their own mind in order to discover their sense of self and identity. Drawing heavily on the immersive and evocative qualities of film, the production presents an uncanny and vivid interior mental environment that highlights the complex psychological struggle and the emotional awareness that is often retained.

Dementia is a condition that has deep and wide reaching effects which are not simply limited to an individual’s functionality, but have a serious psychological impact as well. The scientific literature surrounding psychology and biomedical science has highlighted that the internal experience of dementia is not well enough understood (Clare, Rowlands, Bruce, Surr & Downs, 2008); there is generally a perception that those living with dementia are rendered in a largely unaware and inactive state. However, there is a body of research which accepts the decline in cognitive functioning but highlights a greater level of emotional and internal awareness and identity than has previously been thought (Clare, Rowlands, Bruce, Surr, & Downs, 2008). Whilst the individual’s inherent sense of self is affected, there is a certain level of retained ‘selfhood’ (Small, Geldart, Gutman & Scott, 1998). It is these more positive themes that we aim to communicate through the film and stimulate new ways of thinking about the social impact of dementia that’s grounded in quantitative and qualitative research.

Below is a short featurette on Third Quarter and its links with dementia.

The film was shot entirely in Falmouth University’s TV Studio on their Penryn Campus, in Summer 2016. The Third Quarter crew were compiled of Falmouth University graduates and students. Behind the Scenes stills are below:

Starring: David K Whiting | Caroline Jay | Joe Newton

Writer and Director: Jonny Dry | Produced by Jonny Dry and Samuel Jay Chessell | Director of Photography: Lewis Gillingham (Leyline Creative) | Production Sound Mixing: Claire Stevens and James Chatwin | Camera Assistants: Wesley Trevena and Peter Doyle-Davidson | Editor: Jonny Dry | Sound Design: Claire Stevens and James Chatwin

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