Synthetica (2015)

Assistant Director, Foley, Script Supervisor

Production Credit: 1st Assistant Director

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, The Mouse Ran Up The Clock, The Clock Went Wrong, The Mouse Got Hung, Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

A story set 30 years into the future whereby people have long deserted their previous homes, to continue life in a city vehemently run on communal efficiency and productivity by a mysterious corporation.

synthetica text

Alex Falconer’s 3rd Year social sci-fi short film, completed May 2015.

Currently in the film festival circuit, with some of their awards and nominations shown below:

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Teaser Trailer available here:



Tim Seyfert

Tim Seyfert Profile

Tim was born and raised in Northern California and has been in love with cinema for as long as he can remember.
He studied journalism at San Francisco State University and after graduating with BA, worked as a production assistant for CBS news. then later as a newspaper reporter.
After moving to the UK and studying filmmaking at the University of Bristol, he landed his first professional acting role as King Arthur in the historical series Mystery Filed, which aired globally on The National Geographic Channel and The Discovery Channel. This was followed by the leading role in the art house short film Time Travel Boyfriends, which won the Prix Radi Award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.
Since then Tim has worked steadily in both film and television. Most recently he can be seen opposite Kiefer Sutherland in the latest seasons of the FOX television series 24: Live Another Day and in the upcoming revival of the BBC series Poldark.


Directed by:

Alex Falconer

alex falconer

Co-Founder and Creative Director of System Error Studio, Alex has directed 4 short films, a short doc, commercial and music videos. He has raised thousands of pounds for charities, taught in Uganda with plans to climb Kilimanjaro next summer. He is also involved with campaigns against tuitions fees and course closures at university & plays bass in a band called Tailor Made Truth.




Synthetica Kickstarter Campaign

Viral Adverts

These were created to highlight specific things in the film and to promote the film through twitter for the powerful corporation, LarnovaCorp. Grey suits are highlighted as a critique of the throwaway fashion culture, creating clothes similar to everything that has gone before, but selling them in a way that speaks to the audience and persuades them into buying something they don’t need. The coffee advert was to highlight a common source of guilt: buying overpriced coffee and becoming reliant upon it to keep us alert. Both of these things in the film are exaggerated, in order to convey the satirical style of the film.


Alex Falconer during the filming of Synthetica’s Kickstarter

synthetica still 1

Director: Alex Falconer | Producer: Harry Boardman | Technical Director: Jonny Dane | 1st Assistant Director: Claire Stevens | Assistant Producer: Ella Turner | Sound Recording: James Gadd | Sound Design: James Chatwin | Hair & Make Up: Julz Bement | Set Design: Talia Holden | Technical Assistant: Luca Parasiliti | Runner: Luke Koch de Gooreynd