Surreal Hospital (2017)


Surreal Hospital Production Credit: Producer

Nadine, Theo and Hubert’s makeshift hospital becomes quarantined during the war. Their
latest patient, Otis Clarke, has a £100,000 bounty on him: a moral dilemma ensues.


Set inside an underground bunker, Surreal Hospital is an ensemble drama which explores themes of mistrust, guilt and moral dilemma. A government funded arms company is supplying rebel fighters with artillery, a scandal recently brought to light by war journalist Otis Clarke. Civil war ensues; Otis has been missing for weeks. Nadine, Hubert and Theo’s makeshift hospital becomes refuge for wounded Otis Clarke. The incentive to heal him decreases when it is revealed he is wanted by both the Government and bounty hunters, dead or alive. Otis soon becomes the catalyst for disaster as Hubert, Jasper and Nadine all conspire to eliminate one another, so they can claim Otis’ bounty for themselves.

Surreal Hospital is a 20 minute short drama, created for James Chatwin’s writing and and directing portfolio for the final part of his MA Film & Television at Falmouth University, 2017.

The film is an independent production, produced by a network of student, graduate and professional filmmakers.

Surreal Hospital James Chatwin and George Perry

Director James Chatwin & DoP George Perry

Surreal Hospital Set DesignSet Design (Tunnel Scene) by Will Clarke

Surreal Hospital is predominately set in Falmouth University’s television studio within a purpose built set. Principal photography took place in June 2017, with some additional footage captured around the main shoot in external locations.

Surreal Hospital Lighting and Camera Test


Surreal Hospital James Chatwin

Director: James Chatwin | Producer: Claire Stevens | 1st AD: Sophie Anna Taylor | 2nd AD: Alex Falconer | Production Manager: Ella Turner | DoP: George Perry | Camera Assistants: Peter Doyle Davidson & Wesley Trevena | Art Director: Lo Hayes | Lighting Director: Jade Hill | Gaffer: Benji Middleditch | Assistant Set Designer: Will Clarke | Special Effects Make Up: Brittany Mcnellis | Production Assistant: Harriette Waterton Gullick | Editor: James Lee Warner | Composer: Claudia Crosse | Sound Design: Claire Stevens and James Chatwin

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