I See You (2014)

Sound Design, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Sound Design

The life of an unemployed, lonely young woman is transformed when she comes across a mysterious article that reappears in the local newspaper.

I See You is set in Jam Records Cafe, Falmouth. I See You was an end of year piece for the 1st Year at Falmouth University and involved a collaboration with students from the Acting and Theatre BA courses at Falmouth.

The Sound Designer role involved working with music students from The Wellington Academy and Falmouth University to compose and record tracks for the film’s soundtrack.

This 5-minute film achieved a 1st Class during assessment at Falmouth University.

Director: Oliver Graves | Producer: Ella Turner | Scriptwriter: Terry Kitto

DoP: Ollie Chater| Editor and B Camera: Henry Isaksen

Sound Design: Claire Stevens


Lovise Solveig as Poppy; Will Samuels as Sam; Connor Ford as ‘The Man’.


Emily Parsons; Niamh McHale; Caitlin Parry; Raf Batchelor; Caitlin Warren