I Am Woman (2015)


Production Credit: Cinematographer

Elisabeth Daly is behind the I Am Woman project, a dance and spoken word performance-film with the message of empowerment to teenage girls. She draws on personal experience, current news and emotive art to express her messages of encouragement.

IAW Liz shadowey face

Filmed over a couple of days, Claire drew together the small camera and sound crew and directed the filming of the performance and exterior scenes as well as advising Elisabeth with the editing.

The piece was filmed in a dance and performance studio at Falmouth University and a couple of the scenes were pre-recorded in a variety of external locations.

The project has developed into a series of several short films, each with a different message for empowerment. The first is available to view here:

I am Woman 1Project Creator: Elisabeth Daly | Dancers: Cherelle Horton and Charlie Wilkes | Cinematographers: Claire Stevens and Lauren Carter | Sound: Line Cecille VangenIam woman sassy