Heroes & Villains (2014)


Production Credit: Camera Operator

Heroes & Villains at The Stannary

The forces of Good and Evil combined for the greater objective of having one of the largest nights the Stannary has ever hosted. 

Joined with the help of DJs such as; JFB, Hong Kong Ping Pong, B Side, Phibes and Titan Sound, Kick Started Events created an occasion that will go down in infamy as one of the most extraordinary gigs the Stannary, Falmouth University’s Student Union Bar, has ever seen.


The role as camera operator involved cooperating with the other camera operators to cover all the event spaces throughout the night to capture the feel of the event and as many of the people who attended.


Using handheld rigs and documentary shooting techniques, this project was covered by three Canon 5D cameras and edited into the film sequence below by Luca Parasiliti.

Director: Luca Parasiliti | Camera Operators: Claire Stevens and Lewis Gillingham | Live Feed Operators: Livvy Pickering and Dee Rayner | Event Organiser: Kick Started Events Ltd.

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