Gold (2015)

Sound Design, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Head of Sound

Documentary about what it means to be ‘white’ in Britain

GOLD is a ten-minute documentary that focuses on opinions of white culture in Britain from three multicultural British citizens and two scholars. It scratches the surface of the public’s unconscious views on their identity and affirms academic identity theories through poetic visuals to determine the developing views of race today, reveling in multiracial diversity and exposing the limitations around the current approach to race.

It aims to push the boundaries of documentary film by employing an experimental element in the edit and throughout the use of sound. 

Below is a Spotify playlist of music ideas for the mood and tone to set with the film’s music:

Successfully funded, you can view the kickstarter video and campaign here for the Gold Documentary:

Director: Christian Villarba | Producer: Olivia Povey | DoP: Dylan Whaley | Head of Sound: Claire Stevens | Sound Recordist: Jake Graves | Sound Recordist: Max Jedwab | Sound Editor: James Chatwin