Design out Drowning (2018)

Editor, Producer, Sound Recording

Claire and James are currently working on behalf of Made Open Communications as filmmakers within the Design out Drowning team, a community project supported by the RNLI. The aim is to find new solutions to reduce the number of people that drown in Cornwall and Devon.

Claire and James have attended ethnographic research days as filmmakers, recording interviews and filming observational footage. Claire is also working on the project as an Assistant Project Manager, aiding Kathryn from Made Open Communications with the organisation of the project and managing the ethnographic data.

Claire has created a series of social media videos using the ethnographic footage gathered so far. They are currently working on a longer film that will give local businesses and communities an overview of the project, and details of how they can get involved.

Design out Drowning have a survey running, which is still open for the public:

James and Claire provided sound and camera for Design out Drowning, and provided Made Open with an end-end video production service, including editing, sound mixing and colour grading.

Camera Operator: Claire Stevens | Sound Recordist: James Chatwin | Edit & Sound Mix: Claire Stevens


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