Brown Willy (2016)

Sound Mixing

Production Credit: Assistant Sound Mixer

Brown Willy is a feature film set and produced in Cornwall.

Michael and Pete have been best mates for over 35 years. They went to school together, they went to college together, they misspent their youth together. In recent years they’ve grown apart and don’t talk as much as they used to. But they’ll always be best friends…won’t they?

Michael is about to get married. He doesn’t want a traditional ‘stag do’ and instead opts for a quiet weekend camping on the wilds of Bodmin Moor, taking in the stunning views and climbing to the top of Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall.

Pete, however, has other ideas.

After an unexpected drink and drug fueled first night the two men find themselves disorientated and lost. Struggling with monumental hangovers and dwindling supplies they attempt to get back to civilisation but find themselves in an increasingly desperate battle with the barren terrain, unforgiving environment and even each other.

As the ill fated trip draws on, physical endurance is pushed to the limit and dark secrets are revealed. This is a weekend that neither Michael or Pete will ever forget.

Shot in just 10 days on location on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, Brown Willy is a micro budget comedy drama about friendship against the odds.

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Ben Dyson & Simon Harvey

Director: Brett Harvey | Producer: Simon Harvey | Written by: Brett Harvey | 1st Assistant Director: Jex Marshall | Editor: Brett Harvey | Production Assistant: Hollie Bell | Sound Recordist: Dan Thompson | Sound Assistant: Sophie Anne Taylor | Colour Grading: Michael Todd | Assistant Sound Mixers: James Chatwin and Claire Stevens | ADR Recordist: Richard Butler

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