Blue Boy (2015)

Sound Design, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Sound Design | Sound Recording

Adam is a reclusive artist whose romantic self-delusion has led him to believe his work is the result of having ink for blood. His delusion becomes so great that he sees himself in the form of an artwork he spies in a gallery. It is the creation of Sam; another artist who, in a bizarre encounter, will force Adam into re-evaluating the authenticity of his art and isolated lifestyle.



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This 10 minute fictional short film explores artistic expression, reclusive natures and acts of raw emotion. This film recently completed production, shooting across locations ranging from Kilbirnie Hotel, Newquay; The Poly, Falmouth to Black Dog Hairdressers, Falmouth. Here is a still from the underwater shoot:


Music was composed by Max Jedwab, James Chatwin and Claire Stevens and featured an improvised cello performance by Oak Matthias.



Featuring prosthetics from Gorton Studios, Blue Boy stars Daniel Richards and Nix Wood as Adam and Sam.


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Director and artist Max Jedwab designed the ‘Blue Boy’ paintings and artwork, early designs of which can be seen below. As Adam draws all his work in blue ink, and believes he has ink for blood, vivid blue ink is a design theme that will feature across titles, credits, social media sites and posters.


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 Director: Max Jedwab | Producer: Ingrid B. Holstad | Written by: George Donovan | DoP: Luca Parasiliti | Editor: Jake Graves | Sound Design and Sound Recording: James Chatwin and Claire Stevens | Set Design: Talia Holden and Jess Russell

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