Acting Portfolio (2014)

Cinematographer, Editor

Production Credit: Cinematographer | Editor

Callum Harmes Body, Speech, Text Portfolio for BA Hons Acting at Falmouth University

1st Year Acting students at Falmouth University are required to submit portfolios about their research and methods for assesment on that semester’s topics and teachings. Callum Harmes approached me in January 2014 to record a short film of the techniques he has learnt and developed over his 1st semester, in order to submit a fuller, multi-media portfolio for marking.

Shot in the TV Studio at Penryn Campus, this short film uses spotlights to highlight Callum as he talks the assessor through the various acting methods relevant to his overall portfolio.

Callum Harmes has previously featured in Young at Heart and will be starring in Sole Mate later in 2014.

Cinematography and Editing: Claire Stevens | Sound Recording: Ella Turner

Presented by Callum Harmes