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It was very refreshing this afternoon to be working on a film without a schedule, with minimal crew and equipment and with only a brief idea of what is going to be filmed. Today I was working on a few of the exterior scenes for Elisabeth Daly’s I Am Woman project. Using a Canon 5D, tripod and Wally Dolly track we were taken to a couple of locations around Budock Parish, Cornwall to film the few shots that will link scenes in tomorrow night’s speech-dance performance.

After filming Stillness of the Shelter a couple of weeks ago, with my highly detailed shooting schedules, storyboard and script notes that had been made more than a week in advance and large group of people relying on my time-keeping, today was very refreshing. I was not aware of what the scenes would contain, didn’t know the location until we got there and was told the shot that was required just before I set it up.

This required me to think under pressure, and to try and get the best creative result out of dwindling light, and dancers that weren’t prepared with the blocking of the scenes. It was great to not be stifled by a strict schedule, and to get back to basics with planning shots on the spot, but as the light was waning and the dancers were getting cold in their thin costumes, it was reassuring to know that at least strict schedules and call sheets prepare everyone for the shoot ahead, and maximise the efficiency of the crew in the short time the light is available.

The lack of storyboard and schedule was stimulating…but I think I shall stick to producing films with my strictly organised system in the future!

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