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It’s a Wrap for Blue Boy

The week of shooting Blue Boy has finished, with lots of good footage ‘in the can’ and not too many on-location disasters…

Our swimming pool location shoot had to be split across two evenings so that there was enough time to capture all the underwater footage (see a still below) and the prosthetic finger took a little longer to arrange/make up/shoot than planned…but other than that, it all went swimmingly! Ingrid B. Holstad stood in, or “swam in”, for the actor during the underwater scenes, and I assisted Luca Parasiliti in capturing the movement…by holding him under the water.


In terms of sound recording, the dialogue in Blue Boy is quite limited and James Chatwin and I plan to do most of the sound through Foley, music and contrasting ambient recordings, but the tracks of dialogue we did record sound pretty clean.

We worked with a local Cellist, Oak Matthias, for one of the shoot days, filming him performing in the street, and then recording his improvisations in the studio later that day.

Our post-production schedule has already began, and James Chatwin and I are looking forward to starting the sound design element of the process, we have already captured a fair amount of music tracks to use and manipulate, just awaiting the picture lock to begin…

Here are some of the rough music tracks:



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