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Filming at the Docks

A unique opportunity was granted to me last night-to be able to film inside the gates of Falmouth Docks, as Grace Clayton hosted Rules, her first independent choreographed dance event featuring performers from Falmouth University

I was working as a camera operator, covering the performances and the event in general with Luca Parasiliti. We started the evening off by gathering some general shots to give some context behind the event. This meant I was able to film around A&P’s area of Falmouth Docks as long as I stayed within sight of a steward…I assumed they had pretty good eyesight-after all, I’m probably not likely to have the same opportunity again.

The dance performance was devised with the concept of breaking social rules, and combined a mixture of spoken word and human movement to portray its messages to the audience. Projections of a video exhibition created by Grace and Luca appeared on the 5 corrugated walls of the warehouse that the event took place in, and later, the VJ-ing work of Twisted Vision, with Emma Walsh, Paul Kelly and Alex Smith.

The event had a real atmosphere of creative enthusiasm, as students from across different artistic disciplines and members of the public arrived for the show.

The footage shot by Luca and I shall be edited by Jake Graves in the following week or two to provide Grace and her performers with a record of the night and to share with people unable to attend the event. It was a nice and simple shoot-turn up with a camera, rig and lenses, shoot some things, give the footage to the editor-done! Filming like that reminds me why I love to do it when I’m drowning in paperwork for another project.

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