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Double Editing

First time for everything-today was editing a film with another editor at the same time.

James Chatwin and I are sharing the editing work for one of the music videos we shot for Tiece last week. As Co-Editors, we are trying to combine our ideas into the film and share the editing work. It’s an extremely foreign concept to me, as I have always edited by myself, and exported sections and sequences off for other people to do Special Effects, or final colour grading, or overlaying graphics etc.

There were several times this afternoon where we reached for the mouse at the same time-we have decided that James will work for half an hour or so, whilst I continue editing A Grand Day Out, my documentary project about a village show. The handy thing about the editing suites at Falmouth University mean we can be in adjacent rooms, so when James had worked on a sequence for a while, I’d come through and do a second edit, or add to the cutting that he’d done.

TIECE Underwater 2

Whilst I’m concentrating on my documentary, which has priority due to its ever-looming submission deadline, I am happy to let James experiment with the footage, and I’ll do my bit as Co-Editor next week.

One thing I’m noticing so far from the music video though is that the footage that we shot, and the angles and blocking that were partly inspired on location, doesn’t entirely match up to the artist’s storyboard. One option I suppose is to create various cuts of the footage, one trying to keep to the storyboard and another one or two cutting more freely. However, with time already pressured, I have a feeling it’ll be one sequence that we’ll have to recut a few times after director comments.

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