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Blast From the Past!

I have recently been sorting through several boxes of old stuff: birthday cards, holiday leaflets and old school exercise books. In the second box I found a battered yellow floppy disk-the height of educational technology when I first started ‘ICT’ in Primary school. I’m not entirely sure what would be on it if I was able to open it on a computer, probably Year 2 Geography reports with pictures from Wikipedia…

The find happened a few days after I’d gotten a shiny new 1TB hard drive for storing and backing up all my projects and just highlighted how much things have changed in the short time since I was a child. My trusty yellow floppy disk fulfilled all my electronic storage needs when I was 7, but 13+ years on I have over 3TB’s of storage space across four hard drives and countless little memory sticks, and that won’t be enough for much longer.

I suppose its inevitable that my hard drives will one day be as obsolete as my little 5MB floppy disk, especially with the advancements in ‘Cloud’ storage, but it would save me some money if the electronic storage revolution held off for a few more years…I’ve just got a new hard drive after all!

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