Documentary - The Life Of A Train Line (2013)

(featuring Sir Tony Robinson)

The film depicts the social impact that the small local Railway line had on my local area of the Collingbourne villages and the large military Garrisons at Ludgershall and Tidworth.

The film is 50 minutes in total, and features interviews with 14 people, including locals of the area, an author and historian, a world record breaking pilot and Sir Tony Robinson.

This complex and demanding project taught me many things, not least the value of ‘many hands make light work’, as shooting solo frequently caused me to call on the assistance and advice of others.


Watching the direction of the film change as each new person volunteered their story made this project much more than my EPQ AS Level film. It developed into a community interest, which was highlighted at my well attended Film Showing.

Here are a selection of segments from the Film.


Segment One - Introduction

Segment Two - How The Line Started

Segment Three - Collingbourne Kingston

Segment Four - Collingbourne Ducis

Segment Five - Military Build Up

Segment Six - World War One

Segment Seven - World War Two

Segment Eight - Drivers Memories

Segment Nine - Childhood Memories

Segment Ten - Decline & Closure

Segment Eleven - Could It Return?

Segment Twelve - Closing Credits



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